Discover Islam Week

Nowadays it’s so easy to get a misconstrued idea about Islam, with some parts of the media always keen to propagate the hysteria that sells newspapers… so do you think we have a fair representation of Islam?

UCLU Islamic Society presents Discover Islam Week 2013 – an exciting series of events taking place between the 4th to 8th of February inshaAllah. The week aims to divulge into the essence of Islam, enhancing our knowledge and exploring how Islam has changed people’s lives all over the world, since itsbeginnings.

If you have ever considered yourself more than just a random accident of a chaotic universe, this is your chance to challenge your own beliefs, explore a new ideology and discover the purpose of life.

Join us for a week filled with exciting events and workshops to help you learn more about Islam. Don’t miss out on these amazing events!

For regular updates on all things DIW please ‘like’ our Discover Islam Week fb page by clicking here, and make sure you check out our poster below, and take note of all the events which are certain to be beneficial to all inshaAllah!

We will be having the following events so make sure you take note, and attend :)